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Residential Low/Medium Rise

village green.JPG
Village Green Apartments Nundah

The project includes the design and documentation of a 5 storey apartment building incorporating four levels of residential apartments and a single level lobby and car parking level at podium.

Michael Bale & Associates completed the structural and civil design of this project incorporating operation works application for civil works, internal civil works, build over stormwater & sewer as well as structural design of all concrete suspended floors (PT & reinforced) as well as feature facade, roof structure and canopies.


Jardin Rooftip.jpg
Jardin Apartment, Nundah

Jardin Apartments in Jenner Street Nundah is a high end residential apartment building consisting of 4 levels of apartments over a suspended level podium car parking floor.

The project includes transfer of the tower apartment levels at level 1 over the lobby and car parking with post tensioned floors, as well as having deep piled foundations and pile cap transfer at the sub floor framing level.

The ground level podium is suspended above ground to allow a stormwater overland flow path to pass through the site.

Engineering works for the project included:

  • Structural design of 4 levels of apartments over a suspended ground level podium car parking floor. Typical levels are conventional reinforced concrete

  • Post tensioned transfer floor as well as post tensioned roof level terrace level and plant areas.

  • Deep foundation driven pile solution through inorganic alluvial soils

  • Building has suspended podium level to allow overland flow through the site during high rainfall events


eden lane.JPG
Eden Lane Apartments, Stages 1, 2, 3 & 4

Michael Bale & Associates have completed the detailed design and  currently involved in the construction stage of the Eden Lane Apartments.

Our involvement has commenced from pre-purchase of the site at due diligence stage through Development Approval and now into construction phase of the project.

Stages 1 & 2 of the development includes 5 suspended apartment levels, undercroft parking levels and an extensive suspended landscaping podium pool and recreation area linking the buildings.

Stage 3 & 4 includes 2 x 8-storey apartment buildings with single basements.  Each building has roof top pool and recreation areas and link back through a public cross block link to stages 1 & 2.


The project is located directly over the Clem 7 Tunnel extract shaft which posed significant engineering challenges.

Emerald Lakes, Stages 1-6

The Emerald Lakes project consists of the design of 97 Townhouses within the master development at Emerald Lakes.  The project included assessment of flood levels within the building footprint and effects on flood level immunity and earthworks requirements.  Foundation design addressing differential settlement on a reclaimed land site was required, with particular attention necessary to ensure the long term effects of settlement do not compromise building integrity, while providing a cost effective solution.


Michael Bale & Associates have completed design and site supervision for both structural and civil for all six stages of the infill development at Emerald Lakes

DHA Apartments, Enoggera

The DHA Apartments buildings consisting of two 5 storey apartment buildings and 1 two level residential townhouse block, suspended on a common ground level podium and common basement car parking.

The project includes a post tensioned transfer of the tower apartment blocks at ground level over the basement car park, in addition to landscape plantings and paved external areas between the three buildings. The 2 apartment towers feature a combination of concrete and steel roofs.


Harbour Villas, Emerald Lakes

The Harbour Villas Stage entailed the reshaping and land reclamation works into the lake with flood storage balance. The works had 83 townhouses with revetment walls.

The earthworks and foundation systems required tailored engineering solutions for each of the building platforms due to the land reclamation into the lake and detailing to address differential settlement.


Michael Bale & Associates have completed design and site supervision for both structural and civil works associated with the development.


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