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Michael Bale - Director

Michael is a chartered Structural and Civil Engineer who possesses vast experience in all stages of project delivery. He has worked on a wide variety of construction projects and is experienced in the planning, feasibility, design, construction management and project delivery of engineering projects throughout Australia, South East Asia and the United Arab Emirates. He possesses an intimate understanding of the construction process, creating design solutions which promote practical and cost effective construction with constructability as a front of mind consideration.

Michael has worked between Brisbane and the Gold Coast over the past 18 years and is adept in the design of a wide variety of construction methods and materials, he is proficient in the design of concrete, masonry, steelwork and timber structures providing innovative engineering design solutions as well as management of design and construction of Civil Engineering Projects.  Michael has designed and worked on a large spectrum of building projects ranging from single storey projects to towers up to 80 storeys, as well as deep basements (up to 6 levels), infrastructure, industrial projects and subdivisions.

Joel Brown.jpg

Joel is a chartered engineer with twelve years’ experience in design, construction, and management of engineering projects throughout Australia.

Joel has gained extensive design experience through working on a wide variety of projects from concept, right through to the site construction management phases.

His vast exposure to site construction phases including site inspections and construction management ensures that constructability is front of mind when developing design solutions, ensuring a well thought out, practical and cost effective approach to engineering design. 

Joel is our West Australian Manager and based in our Perth Office, leading our team of engineers the deliver all Western Australian projects, as well as overseeing overall business direction and management

Joel Brown -  Director - WA Manager  
Alex_bw cropped.jpg
Alex Rowlands - Senior Civil Engineer

Alex is a Senior Civil Engineer with experience in civil engineering design and reporting. Alex has co-authored a number of published engineering technical papers on theoretical assessment of detention and flooding concepts.


Alex has presented theoretical topics at the Queensland Water Symposium amongst a large number of experts in engineering.

Alex is becoming a go to in the infill and greenfield development application stage, with a concentration on development assessment and is known for thinking differently to standard practise when it comes to residential and commercial developments in the Gold Coast, Logan and Brisbane areas.

Crossy_bw cropped.jpg

Josh is the General Business Manager at Michael Bale & Associates and has 10 years’ experience across the Financial Services and Engineering industries. Josh is responsible for the overall operations of the business.


His role on a project level involves overseeing Quality Assurance, Contractor & Client Contracts, Accounting, and Business Management. Josh also manages the Finance & Administration team which provides and ultimately seeks to improve the business’ financial processes and project reporting. Creating greater efficiencies and enhancing project outcomes is Josh’s passion.

Josh Cross - General Business Manager


Andrew Bott.jpg

Andrew is a Principal Structural Engineer with 19 years’ experience in the design, construction, and management of engineering projects in Australia, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

Andrew has developed a range of design skills and a solid base of engineering fundamentals through this experience. He has skills and knowledge in both new build and refurbishment projects and has experience in the design and preparation of structural plans for building structures. 

Andrew has gained skills in project management and understands the requirements of successful delivery of engineering projects by minimizing costs and adhering to time constraints.

Andrew Bott - Principal Structural Engineer
Dion Damon.jpg

Dion Damon is a Senior Structural Engineer with 8 years’ experience in mixed-use building structures ranging from 10 to 90+ stories, he has gained significant experience in the modelling, analysis and design of major elements found within building structures.


Dion has been Project Team Leader as well as Design Engineer on various projects across SEQ, with extensive experience on reinforced concrete structures. Dion has been involved in both large and small scale projects, ranging from 5 story retirement homes, child care centres, as well as multi-story residential and commercial projects.


Throughout his years of experience, Dion has developed thorough technical abilities and a strong understanding of local construction codes, as well as project management skills, managing both project resources and budgets, as well as coordinating with clients and architects, builders and other sub-contractors.

Dion Damon - Senior Structural Engineer
Andrew Parker.jpg

Andrew is a Senior Structural Engineer with 13 years' experience in the design, construction and management of concrete and steel framed buildings, in addition to extensive experience with amusement device inspection and heritage building structures.


Andrew has been the Project Team Leader and Design Engineer on multi-disciplinary projects both in Australia and the UK, including portal framed structures, concrete and steel framed structures and low-rise residential concrete framed buildings.

Through Andrew's many years of experience he has gained skills in project management and understands the needs to adhere to time constraints and budgets, with a driven focus towards hitting project milestones.

Andrew Parker - Senior Structural Engineer
Justin Hettinga.jpg

Justin is a Principal Structural Engineer with 14 years’ experience in the design and delivery of projects in Australia and Canada.

Over the past seven years he has led a team of engineers to design and deliver high-rise residential buildings and high-rise structures in Melbourne, with heights up to 69 levels tall.

Justin’s experience includes design of concrete framed buildings, including significant design and supervision of vertical and horizontal concrete for a variety of framing methods. Justin is experienced in steel, masonry, timber and heritage structures.  Justin has a Masters’ degree from the University of Padua and Czech Technical University and has recently presented a paper at the 12th International Conference on Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions.

Justin Hettinga - Principal Structural Engineer
Tom Robinson.jpg

Tom is a Chartered Structural Engineer with 8 years’ experience in the design, construction and management of engineering projects throughout Australia. Tom comes with extensive experience with a huge range of projects including apartments, Hospitals, Schools, Retail Centres, Industrial warehouses and Office towers.

Temporary works and constructability have been a major part of Tom’s career, including direct involvement with contractors to provide cost saving and optimise construction programs, whilst always maintaining a high level of safety. Tom is skilled at managing time, resources and interfacing with clients to ensure successful delivery of projects. Tom always provides a positive approach to his work, which is reflected through coordination with all consultants and seamless delivery throughout his projects.

Tom Robinson - Senior Structural Engineer - Perth
Chanel Handel.jpg

Chanel is a Civil Engineer with extensive experience in civil engineering design, documentation and reporting.

Chanel started her career on the Gold Coast and built her subdivision design skills in Victoria designing large greenfield subdivisions. She is highly involved in the development application stage of large infill and greenfield developments, with a passion for residential, commercial and industrial developments..


Chanel works closely with multiple Councils to ensure quick turn arounds and seamless delivery on her projects. She is skilled in 12d road design, stormwater drainage design and sewer reticulation design and is fast becoming one of our most requested civil engineers. 

Chanel Handel - Senior Civil Engineer
Ian Grieves.jpg

Ian is a Civil Designer with over 18 years’ experience working on civil engineering projects for both private and public sectors throughout Queensland and NSW. He has played a lead role in managing teams and the technical delivery of civil engineering design for a wide variety of projects including public parklands, sports facilities, industrial subdivisions, residential subdivisions, as well as infrastructure delivery.

Ian is involved in projects from inception to completion, with design of earthworks, grading stormwater design, roadworks and public utility design (water & sewer).

His extensive knowledge and experience will provide value engineering designs and construction documentation to any project he is a part of. 

Ian Grieves - Senior Civil Designer
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